Deer Creek Shooting Center Rules

The following rules are critical to your safety and safety of all members and guests. Members or guests that do not follow these rules may be asked to leave by any other member. Aggregious or willful violations may be grounds for the board to revoke membership.

1. NO ALCOHOL: Consumption of alcohol before using or while on DCSC property is strictly prohibited.

2. FIREARM CONDITION: The Deer Creek Shooting Center operates under cold range rules, which means all actions open on the firing line when not firing, and firearms unloaded and cased or holstered when not on the firing line.

3. RANGE CONTROL: If four or more shooters are on the line at one time on one bay, one person must actively serve as a Range Officer to coordinate fire and cease fire.

4. GUN HANDLING: Absolutely no handling or loading of firearms is allowed while any person is downrange.

5. MUZZLE DIRECTION: All firearms on firing line must be pointed downrange only and, except for shotguns and rifles being carried and shotguns at the shotgun area, muzzles may not be pointed above the side berms at any time.

6. ELEVATION OF FIRE: Except for shotguns at the shotgun area, elevation of all fire must be kept below the top of the berms and the top of the target backers.

7. NO SHOTGUNS ON DCSC TARGET BACKERS: Shotguns may not be used on the target backers provided by the DCSC.

8. CLOSE TARGETS ON LONG BAYS: Because of possible skip and ricochet hazards, shooting at targets closer than 100 yards from shooting benches on 300-yard bays is not allowed. Shooting at targets closer than 50 yards from shooting benches on 100-yard bays is not allowed.

9. NO GROUND-PLACED TARGETS: Ground-placed targets are prohibited. Use only the DCSC-supplied target backers and steel gongs.

10. NO BREAKABLE TARGETS: Breakable targets may not be used, except for clay pigeons.

11. PROHIBITED TARGETS: Targets intended to depict real, identifiable, individual people are prohibited.

12. NO EXPLOSIVES OR INCENDIARIES: Explosive targets and incendiary ammunition are prohibited.

13. TARGET BACKER PLACEMENT: Do not move the target backers. Backers are set at prescribed distances. To shoot at closer target backers, use a shooting bay designed for close shooting.

14. DRY FIRING: Dry firing is allowed downrange only and only from firing points as with loaded firearms.

15. SHOOTING HOURS: The DCSC is open only during daylight hours.

16. LITTER: All DCSC users must pick up and dispose of all trash, such as cans, targets, boxes, and shotshells.

17. WILDLIFE: Shooting at wildlife on premises is prohibited.

18. YOUTH: Youth under 16 years of age must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult. Youth not shooting must remain behind the firing line.

19. BERMS: Climbing or traversing the safety berms is strictly prohibited.

20. IDENTIFICATION: Proof of membership must be shown to any WMFGA member upon request. Members must have credentials in possession to use the DCSC.

21. GUESTS: Annual or life members at least 21 years old may bring guests, but must directly accompany and effectively supervise any guests. The guest-hosting member is immediately responsible for all guests' full compliance with these Range Rules. Except for guests 14 years old and under, without prior approval from the WMFGA, a member may not host more than three guests at the same time or host the same guest more than twice in one year.

22. FULL AUTOS: Only bipod or tripod-mounted full auto firearms are allowed on the 300 yard ranges and 100-C. Hand-held full autos may only be used on bays 100A, 100B, 50A, 50B, and 50C.

23. BAY-SPECIFIC RULES: Rules specific to one shooting bay may be posted at that bay, such as at the Youth Bay.

24. ARCHERY BAY: Use of broadheads on DCSC target bales is prohibited. Use of broadheads is allowed on members' personal targets.

25. GATE USE: The gate must remain closed and locked upon every entrance and exit from the range.

26. RANGE RULE SUSPENSION: Any range rule may be suspended or revised for specific events approved by the Board of Directors

27. RULES ENFORCEMENT: All members are authorized to enforce these range rules. Violation of any rule, vandalism, or any unsafe activity are grounds for membership revocation. Please report violations to anyone named on entrance gate or any BoD member.

Hours of Operation

The DCSC is open to members during all daylight hours - sunrise to sunset. Other hours of operation are available only for approved events.

Location Map

The DCSC Entrance Gate is located off of Deer Creek Rd. just outside of East Missoula near that road's railroad crossing located at:

1142 Deer Creek Rd.. Missoula MT 59802

N46, 52.394' (46.873)
W113, 54.430' (-113.907)


Mailing Address

Western MT Fish & Game Association
P.O. Box 4294
Missoula, MT 59806